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Velneshwar Beach Tourist Destination

The scenic beach of Velneshwar is very beautiful. The coast is famous for its features like the beautiful coconut groves that surround it and its clean beaches with strong, sea waves. The crescent-shaped beach is lined with towering coconut groves. Revaneshwar beach is full of scenic beauty and very photogenic in nature. There is something special about beaches, people love to go to the beach because it relaxes them and refreshes one's mind and body. Swimming, sunbathing and lazing on the beach are popular activities. You can spend hours enjoying the natural beauty and clean environment of this place. The beautiful Varaneshwar temple is located by the sea. The history of the village is as old as the history of the temple. The side of the temple submerged in the sea is known as 'Merumandal'.

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Guhagar beach Homestay

Guhagar Homestay Accommodation

Guhagar Beach is a peaceful place surrounded by dense suru plantations. It is located near Guhagar, about 200 meters from the Guhagar State Transport Depot in the state of Maharashtra. This untouched beach is popular for its white sand and mystical scenery. It is located west of the main town of Guhagar and is popular for beach activities. Tourists can enjoy swimming and sunbathing among other attractive options. The beach is lined with many food stalls and chaat stalls that serve excellent local cuisine. Nearby, there is also a flea market that tourists will love. Visitors and locals alike flock to this place for much-needed solitude and private time from the busy lives we are accustomed to on a daily basis. This makes it a perfect place to enjoy some fun activities with your family and loved ones during the weekend here. The beach is considered safe for children. Meditation, relaxation, sunbathing and swimming are some of the many options you can choose from while here.

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Hedvi Beach Tourist Destination

Hedvi Beach is a quiet beach that rests peacefully among the coves of the Konkan region. Hedavi Beach is not just a beach of sun and sand, which people visit and forget. Hedavi Beach is a divine entity in the lap of nature that reflects our culture and Hindu mythology. Hedavi Beach is associated with the ears of Hindu deities and its history dates back to the mythological saga where Hindu Gods like Ganesha and Lakshmi themselves visited Hedavi. Built on Hedvi beach, this temple is ancient and rare in its existence. It is mainly a pilgrimage site and attracts many pilgrims from all over the country. Shri Ganesha Temple is an important temple due to its historical importance. Hedavi Beach is a small stretch that ends towards the Uma Maheshwari Temple. Avoid entering the water here. If you are particular about diving in the sea, the far end is better. A word of caution: Hedavi Beach is not the safest beach for swimming and ideally diving should be avoided. Hedvi is known for its beaches and temples. The beaches are known for their clear water and coral reefs.

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