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Hedvi Tourist Destination

Hedvi is a small town located near the city of Guhagar in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. If you are looking for a Desolate place by the end of the week, but then stay close to the sights, the answer is Hedvi. Hedvi, a small creek on the shores of dark sand, is basically far from everything, even the inclusion of cell phones is still very close to well known destinations like Ganpatipule Velneshwar and Guhagar. It is basically a traveling destination and attracts many pioneers from across the country. The city is especially famous for its Ganesh Temple and Shri Dashbhuj Lakshmi Ganesh temple. It is mainly a pilgrimage site and attracts many pilgrims from all over the country. Shri Ganesh Mandir is an important temple of historical significance. Lord Ganesha Temple is one of the important temples in the light of its reported urgency. A variety of ancient and medieval forts and temples can be found along the coast. Hedvi Beach in Guhagar is visited by a large number of pilgrims from the surrounding region and Maharashtra. Hedvi Beach is close to Guhagar town. Brahmin Ghal is another major attraction that arrives in large numbers. Moreover, the tidal waves on this beach bring a lot of joy to the visitors. People come to this beach for adventure activities and enjoy their vacations.

Hedavi Beach is also famous for its peaceful highlights and a huge dark stone monument called Bahman Ghal at a height of about 35 feet is one of the major attractions on the coast. The last attraction gets its name from the symbol of Ganesha and is Dasha Bhuja - which means ten hands. It is believed that this temple was built during the reign of Peshwa and the marble used to make Ganesha idols. Hedvi also has Uma Maheshwari temple and Brahman Ghal. Brahman Ghal is a characteristic variable which is about 35 feet long and 20 feet deep. The canyon is in a dark shake and is about 2 feet wide. When the sea water seeps into the ghats, during the high tide, the beauty of nature flows into the pools of smooth air. Hedvi Beach in Maharashtra has a lot of tourist attractions like forts, caves and temples. Visitors can plan their vacation trips so that they can spend memorable moments. Moreover, Hedvi beach in Guhagar is lined with abundant coconut groves, rocky shores and mango orchards. Also, on Hedvi Beach in Guhagar, there are green leafy vegetables everywhere, including many palms, chinooks and other fruits. Hedavi beach in Guhagar is surrounded by bluish clear sea water. This remarkable beach lives in even the smallest cloves of black sand.

Hedvi Beach

Hedvi Beach is a quiet beach that rests quietly in the mines of the Konkan region. Hedvi Beach is not just a beach of sun and sand, which people forget about visiting. Hedavi Beach is a divine entity in the midst of nature that reflects our culture and Hindu mythology. The thunder of the waves crashing on the rock and the water coming up the column and sending a splash of water is an experience to enjoy. The black sand of Hedvi Beach Bay is spread between Guhagar and Velneshwar white sand beaches and ends at the famous Uma Maheshwari Temple. Groups of solid rocks dominate the beach as the tidal waves wash their feet. Hedvi Beach is one of the most important places near Pune city. Hedavi Beach is a small area that leads to the famous ancient temple of Uma Maheshwari. The beach also offers its tourists interesting activities like swimming, diving, surfing and parasailing. On the way to Hedvi Beach, your can enjoy sunbathing & bird watching. Also, there are numerous migratory seabirds and aquatic creatures on Hedvi Beach. Tourists can enjoy boating on Hedvi Beach. In addition, Hedvi Beach has crystal clear water that attracts many tourists to plan a trip to this beach.

Hedvi Beach is associated with the ears of Hindu deities and has a mythological history where Hindu deities like Ganesha and Lakshmi themselves visited Hedvi. Built on Hedavi beach, this temple is ancient and rare in its existence. This unique temple in the vicinity of Hedvi Beach is the Lakshmi-Ganesh Temple which is intricately carved in white stone. The idol is 3 feet high and is believed to be from the beautiful Kashmir Valley. The idol depicts Ganesha with ten hands. This beach is known as "Black Sand" and is located in a separate area. In addition, the beach is surrounded by coconut trees which adds more charm to its scenic beauty. Moreover, this beach is known as a "paradise" for motor bike riders.

Things to do in Hedvi

Hedvi is one of the less popular beaches in Konkan. Hedvi Beach is a popular tourist destination for weekend trips to Ganpatipule or Guhagar Beach. The Dashbhuja Ganapati Temple is also known as "Lakshmi - Ganesh Temple". This is an ancient temple built during the Peshwa period. The main attraction of this 3 feet Ganesh idol. People from all over Maharashtra and India visit Hedvi to pay homage to this Ganesha idol. The temple is located at a distance of about 3 km from Hedvi beach. Below are some nearby tourist attractions that you can visit during your trip

  • Hedvi Beach
  • Shri Dashbhuj Lakshmi Ganesh Temple
  • Guhagar beach
  • Velneshwar Beach
  • Bahman Ghal
  • Ganpatipule
  • Jaigad Fort
  • Watersport in hedvi beach
  • Laxmi Narayan Temple
  • Uma Mahesh Mandir
  • Vyaghrambary Mandir
  • Ganpatipule
  • Ganpatipule Ganesh Temple
  • Dabhol Beach

Best time to visit Hedvi

During the summer season, which begins in March and ends in May, the climate on this beach is extremely hot, with mercury rising to 38 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is heavy during the monsoon season, which begins in June and ends in September. On the other hand, the winter season, which begins in December and ends in February, is pleasant with mercury dropping to 15 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the ideal time to visit hedvi beach is December to February.

Hedvi Accommodation

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