2-BHK condo

₹5000 / Night


  • 1. All Room charge for Double Occupancy. Extra person to be separated, charge per person Rs.500/-
    (Govt. tax as applicable.)
  • 2. Photo Address proof required at the check /in time.
  • 3. Check in/check out 24 Hours.


  • 1. Well furnish A.C WADA., in room dinning service.
  • 2. Home Style Food In Restaurant, Pool side Dinning, Mini Theatre, Gym, Swimming Pool.
  • 3. Free Wi- Fi Services . & Vehicle Parking.
  • 4. Major Credit card/ Debit Card Accepted

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Velneshwar Tourist Destination

The Velneshwar village is very beautiful tourist place in maharashtra. The coastline is famous for its beautiful coconut groves and clean beach with its loud, roaring sea waves. You must see tall coconut groves growing on the moon-shaped beach. The beautiful Velneshwar temple is on the beach. The history of Velneshwar temple is as old as the history of the village. The side of the temple submerged in the sea is known as 'Merumandal'. Near the village of Velneshwar in Maharashtra, north of the river Shastri, nestled in the coconut groves, Velneshwar beach is popular for its rocky sea and clean environment. If you want to be lazy on the beach, sunbathing or swimming, you can do it at Velneshwar. The village is clean and very scenic, while Velneshwar Beach is one of the most famous attractions. The beach is lined with ancient and coconut trees. It is covered with white sand. Velneshwar beach offers many water based activities like swimming, motor boating and other activities. Velneshwar is a beautiful and small place, Velneshwar has a pleasant atmosphere. Breath of fresh air, serene place, forcing you to ignore all your worries in the surroundings of Velneshwar beach. This place looks divine because of the rocky sea water. Velneshwar is a safe beach for drowning. Apart from sunbathing and swimming, it is possible to do many thrilling sea activities on the shores of Velneshwar. This beach is a perfect place to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The fresh breeze from the calm sea, the lush greenery of the coconut and betel nut orchards, the wide expanse of beach spreading the smooth carpet of smooth silver sand - all this presents the perfect setting for a happy holiday. Renowned for its rock-free beach that offers swimming facilities, Velneshwar is the latest discovery for holidaymakers visiting the Konkan. The view greets you with a 3Km long obscure beach, small houses with red tile roofs lined up in rows, a simple temple and rural atmosphere that promises to free tourists from their urban clutter. Velneshwar is famous for the temple of Lord Shiva. When Maha Shivaratri festival is organized here as a tribute to Lord Shiva, Velneshwar gets more fame in the month of March. If you are looking for an ideal water point where you can enjoy the beauty of nature while swimming and sunbathing, then Velneshwar beach in Maharashtra is the right place for you.

Velneshwar Beach

Velneshwar beach is very scenic and very photographic place. It is one of the quietest beaches on the west coast of India and is perfect for relaxing for a while. There is something special about beaches, people love to go to the beach because it gives them rest and refreshes one's mind and body. Surrounded by beautiful coconut groves, the stunning beach creates a picture perfect backdrop for the trip. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Maharashtra and is popular for its rocky seas and calm climate. There is a magnificent ancient Velneshwar temple of Lord Shiva on the beach and the history of this temple is as old as the village itself.While planning a vacation on the beach, it is important to consider Velneshwar beach. This popular beach is an ideal place to enjoy nature. There is a beach near Velneshwar village and it is a very quiet place. Fresh, tall trees and sea water add to the beauty of the place which makes the hot afternoon pleasant and refreshing. The biggest attraction on this beach is vacationing, bathing in the sea water and sleeping on the white sand.

You can enjoy the waves on the groves, which are essential for visiting the beach. The place is not overcrowded and one can enjoy the solitude in the greenery and beauty of the beach. The beach is very clean and well maintained. During your trip to this beach, you will never miss the opportunity to taste authentic Konkani cuisine and enjoy a feast of seafood such as salmon, prawns, pomfret and mackerel. This is a weekend holiday for those who are always busy with their daily life and want to stay a few days on the Konkan coast. The charm of the beach gives peace of mind and soul and rejuvenates the inner strength. A small hill on which the village nest seems to rise straight from the sea. The rhythm of the wind and the sea can be heard from the palm trees. Taken together over the years, they have remained virtually unpredictable and have not been found by tourists, perhaps because they lack basic amenities such as accommodation. Now a days, things are changing rapidly. Many residents offer decent accommodation, lunch and breakfast at affordable prices. Velneshwar is a low cost shelter for people who love their vacation full of adventure and unpretentious nature. In Velneshwar you will always feel like you are on the threshold of discovering something new. Sightseeing, long walks and hours of uninterrupted tranquility are the quality of Velneshwar.

Things to do in Velneshwar

The village is clean and very scenic, while Velneshwar Beach is one of the most famous tourust attractions. The beach is lined with ancient and coconut trees. It is covered with white sand on beach. Velneshwar beach offers many water based activities like swimming, motor boating etc. You can visit many tourist places near velneshwar during your trip. check bellow list for nearest places to visit near velneshwar.

  • Velneshwar Beach
  • Vyadeshwar Temple
  • Durga Devi Temple
  • Jay Vinayak Temple Jaigad
  • Jaigad Lighthouse
  • Hedvi Ganesh Temple
  • Hedvi Beach
  • Baman Ghal Hedavi
  • Gopalgarh Fort
  • Bird watching
  • Ganpatipule Temple
  • Thiba Palace
  • Jaigad Fort
  • Jaigad lighthouse
  • Shastri River
  • Mandavi Beach
  • Ganeshghule Beach
  • Swami Swaroopanand Samadhi
  • Aare Ware Beach
  • Nevare Beach
  • Bhudal Beach

Best time to visit Velneshwar

You can visit the beach at any time of the year, however it is better to wait till the end of the rainy season as the natural beauty here will be optimal after the rains have stopped. As this village is on the coast, Velneshwar has a tropical climate. Humidity occurs throughout the year. November to February is the best time to visit Velneshwar in winter. Summer can be very hot. Rain, on the other hand, is captivating and fragrant. The maximum temperature recorded is about 34 C. The temperature of this place does not rise much due to the beach. The daytime hours of the region are a bit hot. The summer season here coincides with the month of March and lasts till the end of May. The hot climate of this place is not bad as compared to other places.

Velneshwar Accommodation

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