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Guhagar Beach, dotted with thick plantations of suru trees and white sand, is around 200 m away from the Guhagar State Transport Depot in Maharashtra. It is situated west of the main town and is known for activities like swimming and sunbathing. This beach is also famous for various food and beverage stalls, chaat stalls and flea markets.

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Vyadeshwar Temple

Vyadeshwar temple is a Lord Shiva Shrine in the Ratnagiri District and is situated near the Guhagar State Transport Bus Stand. This temple has idols of Balkeshwar, Talkeshwar and Udaleshwar, besides the main deity. Other major shrines situated inside the temple complex are that of Lord Surya, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Sridevi. The temple is famous for a huge fair organised during the festival of Mahashivratri

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Chandika Mandir

Chandika Mandir, located about 15 km north of Guhagar, is 15-20 ft under ground and situated inside a cave. The main deity is believed to have been self-manifested during the Pandava era. This temple was discovered around 300 years ago and has a tomb right outside, dedicated to the founder of the temple.

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Gopalgad Hill

Gopalgad Hill, located in the Anjanvel village of Guhagar, is known for its beautiful surroundings. The hill has a beautiful fort that is popular as the Gopalgad Fort, also known as the Anjanwale Fort. This fort is believed to have been constructed by the Bijapur Rulers in the 16th century. The fort was captured by Shivaji Maharaj in 1660.

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Durga Devi Temple

Shri Durga Devi temple, Guhagar is an ancient temple located at Guhagar, a taluka place in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra state in India. It is considered to be the Kuladevata or clan goddess of many Chitpavan families from the Konkan region. It is located in Warla Pat of Guhagar Gaon.

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Bhudal Beach

Bhudal beach is the most secluded and serene beach in Guhagar Taluk of Ratnagiri district. This beach is also situated close to Velneshwar and has peaceful waters all around. Moreover, it is considered an untouched and unexplored beach. Also, this beach has derived its name from its city known as Budhal.

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Hedvi Village

Hedvi village lies in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, near the Guhagar town. This village is popular for the Lord Ganesha temple and the Sri Dasabhuj Lakshmi Ganesh Devasthan. The name Sri Dasabhuj Lakshmi Ganesh Devasthan is derived from the idol of Lord Ganesha which possesses dasha bhuja, meaning ten hands in Hindi.

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Palshet Beach

alshet beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in konkan, Maharashtra. The beach has got good scenic and attraction landmarks. Many visitors come to relax and detox here in the vacations. You will get to experience cool wind and fresh air on the palshet beach. It is situated at the Guhagar Taluka of Ratnagiri district.